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Project Description
MVCms is a MVC Content Management System using ASP.NET MVC 2 Framework and C#, with the ability to add plugins. To make things easy the system allows you to create a standalone mvc app, compile it, and then allows you to upload the reulting dll into the cms and uses the functionality. the CMS also supports theming.

This project is still in infant stage, but i hope to have an official release by end of August

You can follow the progress on

What does it do?

  • Ability to create plugins
  • Plugins can be uploaded to system using admin section
  • Ability to create pages
  • plugins can be added to pages
  • Theme support
  • Container Support

 What will be done next before an official release is published?

  • Clean up code (Done)
  • Extend developer framework
  • Default theme styling (Done)
  • Admin Controlbox
    • Cleanup plugin names (Done)
  • Page Manager
    • allow users to remove pages
    • allow users to edit page controls
  • Upload module
    • display progress and disgard non compliant controls
  • Introduce page panels and allow users to manage positions of plugins on the page
  • Create an authentication plugin

Kudos to: - for his plugin architecture. Ive leveraged, changed and extended his current solution.

If you are interested in lending a hand, let me know through the discussion section.


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